The Cable & Wireless Childnet Awards — a nonprofit, charitable organization based in London. The main aim of Childnet Awards is highlighting, working and rewarding children who develop outstanding, innovative Internet projects which directly give them world-wide benefits.

Childn has already recognized 11 brilliant Web projects developed by and for children through its Childnet Awards program.

The Awards are run by Childnet International – it’s an organization, which is looking for the opportunities for making the Internet a great place of opportunities for children. The primary sponsors for the Awards are Cable and Wireless plc. This year this program attracted over 160 entries from 38 countries, across every continent. After an extensive short-listing and judging process, 11 projects were selected as winners and the further 18 projects were commended.

Childnet awards usually gives first-, second-, and third-place prizes in each of four categories: individuals, schools, non-profits, and government. Other special awards are always made at the discretion of the judges.

“The idea of the Childnet Awards is finding out the kids who have significantly exceeded the expectations and working with them by linking together & using the Internet,” says director Williams. “We focus on the international benefits that Internet brings and propose initiatives where children achieve a lot with little resources or have barriers to overcome.”

Talented kids all over the world get unforgettable experience and a lot of precious moments with Childnet which will be kept in their minds & hearts for a long time. To track the history of such memories was a specially designed project for the parents who would like to save these memories and create online baby diary with  all the bright moments and share them privately with their family and friends.

Pictures can be easily grouped and captioned and then shared with a list of particular people who can then add their own comments.

This project is effectively giving you an online journal where you can record all the key moments of your child growing up and then share it with aunts, uncles, godparents, and any other interested parties. This program is pretty flexible too. Your friends and family can follow along on the web or via email if they don’t want to install the mobile app themselves.